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dream fighter // part one

title: dream fighter, pt. 1: a twisting of fate! the bright light from the sky
pairing: ot6/hyuk+hakyeon centric
rating: pg
word count: 1535 (this part)
summary: sanghyuk never felt like he was the center of anything. but once he starts to encounter strange monsters at night and the magical red-haired man who fights them, he starts to wonder if he's the center of the universe.
a/n: this was inspired by a question i received on about hakyeon as a magical girl and my imagination went wild from there. i don't really support the whole MAGICAL BOY genre/concept (it's complicated), so let's say this is about hakyeon being a space boy who fights monsters, okay? this is all i have written so far, but i definitely plan to write more, and i will post them as soon as i have them done!

Sanghyuk pedaled down the hill where his house rested. He needed to get away from his house. Although it was well past midnight and it scared him to be out and vulnerable, being inside his house scared him much more.

He was sitting on his bed, hoping the local weather would lull him to sleep when he first heard the strange, indescribable noise outside. His heart stopped immediately. His mind could not assign a single recognizable sound to that noise. He tried very hard to focus on how great the weather would be three days from now, just 10% chance of rain! Lots of sun! But the noise persisted and he couldn’t help himself from peeking between his blinds to look outside. He saw a pair of green, glowing lights staring back at him, pressed against the window. He fell backwards on his bed immediately.

And that was when he ran out of the house.

Sanghyuk thought he should feel guilty for leaving the house and never looking back. But his sister was staying at a friend’s house, after all, and his mother was definitely not coming home any time soon. As he pedaled faster, he unconvincingly repeated to himself, I have the key. Nobody’s home. Everything will be okay. Though he doubted his own mantra the moment he finished thinking it, the best he could do was continue repeating it, hoping it would drown out his fears.

As Sanghyuk pedaled aimlessly away from his home, he eventually saw a blinking 7-Eleven sign in the distance. Thankful for some urban life and refuge, he began to slow down and make a stop. He mentally scolded himself for leaving without the bike lock and attempted to park his bike at the rack as best as he could.

While he struggled with the bike, a small, peculiar man bounced out of the store with an arsenal of banana milk. He halted right by Sanghyuk and looked at his bike with admiration.

“Wow,” he said. “Your bike horns are great!”

Sanghyuk’s brow furrowed. His current bike was his sister’s old bike, so the horns were bright pink with glittery streamers. But seeing as the mysterious man’s smile was so wide, Sanghyuk automatically responded, “Thanks.”

He grinned at Sanghyuk before dancing away. Sanghyuk’s initial explanation was that the stranger was being sarcastic, but when he noticed the flashy purple boots he wore and his bright red hair, he considered that he might have meant it.

He shrugged off the strange encounter as he walked into the convenience store. He took note of the single cashier that was asleep on the counter and the neat little stack of money on the tray next to him. He moved closer, reading, “Five banana milks!!!! Wake up next time, not all your customers will be honest!!!!”

After reading the note Sanghyuk realized how easy it would be to steal without the cashier noticing. He looked over the sleeping boy’s face, peaceful and innocent as a puppy. He looks like he really needs that nap, Sanghyuk thought. He pushed the tray back and nudged at the boy’s arm.

“Hey,” Sanghyuk urged. “Customer here. Rise and shine.”

“Just one more minute,” he croaked, eyes still closed.

Sanghyuk sighed. Quickly switching to his last resort, he sucked in his breath.


The cashier jolted up and yelled out loud, grabbing the counter for support and looking around frantically. When he saw Sanghyuk was the only one around, he blinked once in confusion, and then settled into a sleepy smile.

“Thanks for that.”

“Well, you sure are something…” Sanghyuk began, glancing at his nametag. “Wonshik. I don’t think many cashiers would thank someone for faking a robbery of their store when they’re the only one around.”

“Nah, it’s alright. I don’t think I would have gotten up any other way. Besides, I fall asleep all the time anyway.”

“Wah! That’s not good at all!”

Wonshik scratched the back of his head. “I’m workin’ on it.” He eyed Sanghyuk for merchandise. “You buyin’ anything?”

“Not yet, I just walked in.” He nodded at the money in the tray. “Someone else passed by, though.”

“Ah, shit.” Wonshik tapped the cash register a few times and deposited the money. “At least they were nice about it.”

Sanghyuk decided on a package of cheese crackers and a Diet Mountain Dew. As Wonshik punched his items in, he swore he saw the beady green eyes from earlier in the far store window. Wonshik snapped him out of his daze.

 “You live around here?” He asked. “It’s pretty late to be wandering around.”

Sanghyuk gulped as he recalled the alien presence lurking outside his house. “Yeah, just up the hill.”

“Never seen you around. Probably ‘cause I’m only ever here at night, though.” Wonshik stifled a laugh and spoke up again. “What’s your name, kid?”

“Han Sanghyuk.”

“Huh. Sanghyuk. Alright, my full name’s Kim Wonshik. Thanks for the chat. I rarely get talkative customers at this hour.”

“Must be why you fall asleep, hm?” Sanghyuk handed him the change.

“You’re quick to learn. Have a nice night, bud. Stay safe.”

Sanghyuk walked out of the store and leaned against the wall by his bike. As he finished his crackers and listlessly sipped on his soda, his eyes centered on a figure that seemed to be running along the railing of the bridge ahead of him. He squinted, partly because it seemed impossible and partly because the figure seemed familiar.

Was it the red haired man from earlier?

“Hey,” a hoarse voice called out. Sanghyuk looked up to see a group of rugged men approaching him. “What’s a kid like you doing around here so late?”

“Nothing, really,” Sanghyuk answered. “What is it to you, anyway?”

“What the hell, punk? You think you tough or somethin’?” The man at the front of the group inched closer to him.

“Not particularly. I bet you do, though.”

“You’re a little shit, ya hear?” He was practically touching noses with Sanghyuk now, angrily flashing his yellow teeth.

Having just taken a sip of his Diet Mountain Dew and not really sure what to do about the person in front of him that reeked of alcohol, Sanghyuk spit his entire mouthful onto the man’s face.


Before he could think, Sanghyuk was on the floor, his side burning intensely. He was receiving kicks from every direction and the group of men were yelling phrases he didn’t think he wanted to hear. He wondered if this was the price he must pay for being nearly 18 years old and too chicken to stay home alone.

The convenience store door was thrown open. “Hey!” Wonshik shouted. “Leave him alone!”

Sanghyuk heard a car door slam shut, and voices speaking loudly and rapidly from across the street. The men began to threaten Wonshik and fear grew in Wonshik’s voice. All the noises around Sanghyuk started to mix together and his head was pounding. His mind raced with possibilities but he didn’t want to pick one.

Just when Sanghyuk felt his heart fall to darkness, a light flashed before him that was so bright he could see it through his closed eyes. The people around him exclaimed in shock, and when he opened his eyes he saw them all shielding their faces and stumbling backwards.

A figure fell from the sky on top of one of the men and shoved his head into the pavement with a thick boot. Before Sanghyuk could register what he just saw, the figure was up, sending kicks and punches in every direction at alarming speeds, wearing the tiniest grin on his face.

It was the red haired man from earlier.

With all the culprits writhing on the floor in pain, Wonshik still recovering from the blast and small bursts of light rocketing around the gas station, Sanghyuk’s red haired hero turned to him and sighed.

“I had to take the time from my very, very busy schedule to save you and your friends from these nobodies here. Don’t let it happen again, got it?”

Sanghyuk was speechless. He felt like he was obliged to say “Yes, of course,” as if he was speaking to an urgent mother, but he couldn’t even manage that much.

The red-haired man shook his head and clicked his tongue. “What’s wrong with people having a little imagination? My goodness. Looking at me like I’m some sort of freak, this kid.”

He turned his back to Sanghyuk and pulled out the sleek phone in his back pocket, twirling it on his finger by the chains on the many charms hanging from it.

“My name is N,” the man said, his back still turned away from Sanghyuk. “Remember it.”

With a swift hand motion, a gun almost bigger than himself materialized before him. The loud trigger went off, and as light beams streamed downwards, he propelled into the air.

Sanghyuk sat on the hard ground, mouth agape. Wonshik stumbled forward to him. Sanghyuk saw a man approaching from a car parked at a gas pump and heard voices shouting and offering help.

Sanghyuk decided that this convenience store was either enchanted or cursed.

And he needed to figure out which one.

Tags: fandom: vixx, fic: dream fighter, pairing: ot6
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