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halloween horror nights

title: halloween horror nights
pairing: leo/hyuk
rating: pg-13?? for alcohol/suggestive parts i guess
word count: 1408
summary: The PHANTOM emerges from behind the cross)
PHANTOM (very soft and enticing)
Wandering child . . .
So lost . . .
So helpless . . .
Yearning for my
Guidance . . .
a/n: based on this mix. and for lala. happy birthday my l/h daughter.

“How do I look?”

The young boy stepped into the room dressed in a white button down tucked into his black slacks, and a ridiculous looking black tie with several safety pins stuck into it lazily.

Taekwoon, a man in his early 20s, squinted at Sanghyuk, a high school senior and younger brother of his roommate, Hakyeon. Sanghyuk was preparing for his school’s homecoming dance, which Taekwoon remembered hating especially because Hakyeon could not stop bringing nervous looking girls to their table.

“What’s with the tie?” he said in the most biting tone he could muster, which actually had as much bite as a newborn puppy.

“I figured I should try to be a little festive, since it’s Halloween and all,” Sanghyuk answered. He adjusted his foolish creation proudly. “Isn’t it great? Really Hot Topic chic, if I say so myself.”

Taekwoon blinked in disinterest. He tightened the strings of the small cape that he found in his feeble attempt to fit the evening’s mood. It kept slipping loose because of his freakishly broad shoulders.

“You look good, I suppose.”

“Really?” Sanghyuk beamed. “I hope my date thinks so.”

“Ah.” Taekwoon scowled a bit, picking up the bowl of candy he had prepared for trick or treaters and shook it, watching the candy move in an attempt to distract him from his growing contempt.

“Can I have some?” Sanghyuk asked.

Taekwoon held out the bowl in Sanghyuk’s direction. Sanghyuk walked towards it eagerly and stared inside with wide eyes. His expression quickly changed when he looked at the contents of the bowl.

“What the hell, hyung? Smarties and black licorice? Are you the devil?”

“Those are my favorite candies,” Taekwoon said softly.

Sanghyuk shot him a face of disgust. “I don’t understand you.”

 “That’s okay. I don’t, either.”

The two looked at each other in silence for a short moment, Taekwoon still holding out the bowl of undesirable candy, before Sanghyuk sprang to the couch to grab his jacket.

“Well, I’m leaving now! Goodbye, hyung. Don’t scare the kids that knock on our door.”

“I’ll try my best.”

As soon the door closed, Taekwoon felt a numb burning spread across his body, as if one million tiny shards of glass simultaneously tried to squeeze into his pores. It must be residual teenager hate, he mused. Dumb teens and their dumb dances and dumb dates.

And, he noted, dumb plans that he couldn't even afford to find for himself on Halloween night.

He laid his astoundingly large hand over the only other piece of his costume, a white mask that covered only half of his face, and snapped it into place as he found himself in front of his keyboard. Thankfully, it was in the darkest corner of the living room, accompanying perfectly the dread in his soul. He lifted his cape as he sat in front of the keyboard and laid his fingers gently over the keys, slamming them down hard and creating a loud, grating noise. It was exactly the chaos he desired.

Taekwoon tore through several tracks from Phantom of the Opera, Sweeney Todd, and, much to his dismay, half of the Trey Songz discography. During one particularly dark portion of the evening, when he had Down with the Sickness blaring from his speakers in an attempt to learn it by ear, his first visitors rang the doorbell. In his excitement to finally greet overjoyed children in poorly made costumes, he ran to the door without turning down the music or turning the lights on. When he opened the door, breathless and smiling widely with his strange mask on, his visitors—no less than 8 years old—screamed and ran away at the overwhelmingly frightening scene before them.

After that Taekwoon rammed the power switch on his speakers off and repeatedly pressed down on one black key with his face slumped in his free hand. Hakyeon called him and thankfully snapped him out of his daze, informing him that Byungjun in fact did not show up to Wonsik’s party and he could still come if he wanted to. After a tacit “No thanks,” Hakyeon proceeded to talk his ear off about all the minor mishaps and comical stories from the evening thus far. He kept giggling in a way that Taekwoon recognized as rare.

“Hakyeon, are you drunk already?”

“M…aybe?” Hakyeon chirped, before abruptly hanging up the phone.

Taekwoon sighed and decided to attempt returning to his music.

Halfway through “Point of No Return,” the front door was thrown open and a wailing Sanghyuk dragged himself into the living room. Taekwoon quietly rose from his seat, closing the front door before approaching Sanghyuk where he fell on the floor. He nudged him with his foot.

“Hyung, this night has been the worst. I went to an after party with my date, but that stupid Lee Hongbin was there and she—she completely abandoned me for him! And he didn’t even look interested! He actually looked kind of scared. I don’t know if he’s ever seen a girl before in his life.”

“Hm.” Taekwoon sucked on his lip thoughtfully. “He sounds like an idiot.”

“He truly is. Oh, I think one of my safety pins is stabbing me. Ow.” Sanghyuk moved slightly to rip off his tie and resumed lying on the floor like a corpse.

Taekwoon stared at Sanghyuk’s lifeless form, taking in the details—the curve of his back, the hairs resting on the back of his neck—a bit more than he thought he wanted to. Once he caught himself he looked away quickly and he thought he might burn a hole into the blank space in the wall if his gaze matched his thoughts. There was no way his anger had been misplaced—teenagers were dreadful. Sanghyuk was one of them. But perhaps it was the way Sanghyuk framed his dreadfulness, the way he looked when he was trying to act a dead man that charmed Taekwoon, and why he felt inexplicable rage towards Sanghyuk’s unnamed date and the wretched boy who took her from him.

“Do you want some candy?” Taekwoon offered.

“No,” Sanghyuk whined. “The rotten taste will only add to my misery.”

Taekwoon scoffed and Sanghyuk shrieked while kicking his legs around at Taekwoon's response. Taekwoon sat on the couch right by Sanghyuk’s feet, amusing himself with the thought of how much longer he could tolerate watching him wallow in his teenage dread on the floor, face down.

After a few minutes, Taekwoon spoke up. “I scared some trick or treaters earlier.”

Sanghyuk turned his head to face Taekwoon, still lying motionless on the floor. “Really?”

“I was playing metal. As soon as I opened the door, they ran away.”

Sanghyuk’s face lit up in laughter. Taekwoon couldn’t help but lift up the corners of his mouth a bit, too. It didn’t last for long, however, because Sanghyuk lifted himself off the floor and propped his elbows on Taekwoon’s lap, holding his face up to meet Taekwoon's. He was alarmed, but Sanghyuk seemed clueless.

“What else happened tonight, hyung?”

“Not much.” Taekwoon tried to concentrate on forming coherent sentences. His default near-comatose state had disappeared and he was now suddenly acutely aware of everything around him, particularly the heart beating rapidly in his chest and the elbows digging painfully into his thighs. “Learned some music. Your brother called.”

“Is that all? Well, I bet he chatted you up for quite the while. Even so, I wish we had traded places.” Sanghyuk’s eyes wandered until they landed on a spot right under his nose. Taekwoon’s face instantly felt hot and as if it might melt off, and a sinister grin spread across Sanghyuk’s face.

“Say, hyung,” Sanghyuk breathed out. In that huff of air, Taekwoon caught a whiff of alcohol. “My brother is at Wonsik’s house tonight, isn’t he?”

“S-Sanghyuk, what kind of an after party did you go to exactly?”

“And my brother always spends the night at Wonsik’s house, doesn’t he?”

“Do you want to watch some Disney Channel? ABC Family? They always play good movies on Halloween.”

Sanghyuk’s fingers latched onto the button of Taekwoon’s jeans.

“Hey! Sanghyuk-ah!” Taekwoon practically shrieked, surprising himself. “What if more kids come to our door?”

Sanghyuk let out a villainous laugh, one that Taekwoon had always longed to perfect, which only made him antsier about the hands fumbling with the zipper of his pants. “Oh, hyung. They’re not a worry unless you actually answer the door.”

Taekwoon didn’t even bother taking off his mask while Sanghyuk went to work.

Tags: fandom: vixx, pairing: leo/hyuk
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